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741: Do you hear Black Sabbath?
Do you hear Black Sabbath?

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
In retrospect I forgot to draw a panel of Iron Man getting zapped and falling into the ocean, but then I remembered I'm really really lazy and felt okay about it. "Talk to the repulsor" stolen from Monsignor Straub's fine line of T-shaped shirts which you should totally buy and wear to the premier of the movie. Also according to the internet, Mandarin no longer wears rings and has special jewels attached to his spine, which was too complicated to draw. I'm getting lasers shot into my eyes this week with the intention of correcting my vision and letting me do things like drink pina coladas and get caught in the rain, if the brochures are correct. So depending on how much love-making at midnight I'll be doing, there may or may not be a(nother) late comic next week. YAAAY! Also, if it goes according to plan, I shall store the lasers in my eyeballs and fire them at will at people, like Superman. Okay I'm off to play Team Fortress 2, which contrary to popular belief is actually more fun than making comics. Enjoy your bizarre linkage: The Big MacChicken. Mmmm. Arteries.
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[05:02] <Squishy> wow, you miss 5 minutes of chat and it goes from BJs to transgenderation to ramen...
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