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70: ....Wait, sound doesn't carry in space
....Wait, sound doesn't carry in space

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Sextacular Update
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WHOOOO! Today's sextacular update (sex, as in sextet or sextuplets. ie: six) is brought to you by the letters C, A, R, P...ah to hell with it. The letters that spell out carpal tunnel syndrome. This is because I drew just about all of them at one hit yesterday, and did all the necessary computer work today. The growing insanity becomes apparent through the strips, so I jumbled them up a bit. That sounds a little more impressive and crafty than the real reason of me forgetting which order I actually drew them in. Blah. 2 am. So sleepy. Err....I was sure I would get a longer newspost out of a 6 strip update....Bloody hell. Oh right, I passed my driving test and enrolled into uni, and was going to do a strip about both/either, but my hand and brain gave up after the last one. Maybe next month I'll do another update when my hand stops screaming in agony. Quiet, hand! I'm almost finished. Just a short note about some things. The wacky japanese stuff in panel 2 of the fubu strip is supposed to be a dragonball z/street fighter effect, but I didn't pull it off as great as I wanted to (see this strip for an idea). The guy with the cap is saying something to the effect of "go", and I don't know what the bandanna guy is saying. It just looked good in the margin of the japanese book I found. Crazy guitar music, and all variations thereof are property of the extra 133t artist guy, Keir, at High Ping Bastard, a member of the #3fs crew at, which leads me onto the James Bond strip featuring a Dr Ender. Ender, aka Enderbot or Menschenfleisch (German for 'Man Meat', or 'Human Flesh' as he prefers to say) depending on his mood, Ender is the resident mad scientist guy, and it felt a shame not to name the mad scientist after him. "Everybody loves Allah" is an invention/idea patent pending, etc etc of Dan, aka Funk Machine in The Forum. He left a whole lot more which I'm still not touching, what with the shooting pains and all. If you have Quake 3 Arena (as most good gamers do), then head on over to and GET THIS MOD! Seriously. You must own this. While not purely DBZ (FUNimation's bitches....I mean lawyers....No I DO mean bitches, got to them a while back and almost scuttled them) and things are renamed, you know what's what. For example, the Shilo character is obviously Goku, what with the hair and clothes and all, but the Kamehameha is called the 'Ultimate Beam'. Still, just don't look too closely and it's almost as good as the real thing. Damn FUNimation people. If they think putting 'fun' in their name in capitals makes them any better they're WRONG! WRONG I tells ya! Well, I guess that's it. To quote Keir once more: I need feeback j00 people!

A look back
I had actually come up with the idea for this one about midway through the old art style, but had never gotten around to doing it. Shows how motivated I am, doesn't it?

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