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68: Johnnyyy!!!....I mean CHARLIEEE!!!
Johnnyyy!!!....I mean CHARLIEEE!!!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Okay, just to clear up something, you don't need to be registered to leave something in The Forum. Just put whatever you want in that username field, you don't need to be registered to leave a message. Some people can't seem to get that concept. You know who you are. Benny, I'm looking in your direction. Well, I was going to do a double update, but the gods of laziness have once more reared their ugly I've got Uni enrolment and a driving test tomorrow, so I really couldn't be bothered. Anyway, today's Nam tastic strip is funnily enough about Nam. Ever notice how the black guys always get it first in war movies? It's strange isn't it? Oh well, that's all you really need to know.That and I've changed the artwork for Nat, and the flesh tone for the guys by adding a little more orange. This means absolutely jack to most people, so just think of it as them getting a tan or something. Tell me what you think of the new art. To quote keir from High Ping Bastard, I need feeback j00 people!

A look back
Nat's new art begins here, as well as a new flesh tone for all. I also decided to repeal that self-imposed drawing rule of only showing Duke's eyebrows at certain times. I'd also like to point out that I can't draw sweat/mud/dirt on people's faces, especially on close-ups, which is why panel 3's chief looks rather clean for a vietnam person.

Search for the replaced btc
OOH, NEW Nat's first appearance! Now you're getting the idea! Maybe having the changes files nearby might help

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