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658: These figures, they're so...RAD
These figures, they're so...RAD

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
In case you missed it, there was an update prior, which went up a few days late due to ftp troubles. Anyway, I'd just like to say I really like how I drew Nat's hair in the first panel, which means it'll probably never come out like that ever again. But it's here for posterity anyway. I also really wanted to put "PHILLIPS, YOU WALKING PIECE OF HUMAN EXCREMENT" in for some reason, but it just wouldn't fit. With the right drivers, you probably could use a guitar hero controller as an input device for your PC. And maybe if you hacked the office assistant to offer tips such as "KICKIN RAD" and "MAD LIX", you may in fact produce the bitchinest status report ever. Also I forgot to mention the brief cameo in original gangstas' R&E guest strip by yonder Boxcar homie Multiplex. Bizarre linkage? You got it right here baby. Parents! Are your preteen daughters slutty enough yet? How about now?
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[12:53] <silentpyjamas> man you know what
[12:53] <silentpyjamas> people in the suicide chat room are like
[12:53] <silentpyjamas> like they just refuse to see the bright side of anything
[12:53] <silentpyjamas> it's like
[12:53] <silentpyjamas> "my life sucks. i am so fat and nobody wants me."
[12:53] <silentpyjamas> like they just refuse to see the bright side of anything
[12:53] <Goonigootoo> it's like they're suicidal
[12:54] <TheFool> Goon beat me to it
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