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608: Breathing in space doesn't help on the sun
Breathing in space doesn't help on the sun

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Ah yes, the much vaunted "preparation time". Apparently, with enough of this, Batman can defeat every single opponent conceivable by human minds, if comic book forums are to be believed. My only guess as to how this originated is that Bruce Wayne has worked to be the best at everything. Including cooking. And much like a master chef, if he has enough time to gather his ingredients and cram them into his belt, he will end up with a cake. Of justice. Until someone punches him into the sun. Or slams the moon into him. The sun thing was a lot easier to draw, so I went with that. The "I'm Batman" was superfluous, but I do so love the Shortpacked. Disagree? WRITE ANGRY THINGS IN THE FORUM. ANGRY THINGS WHICH I WILL IGNORE. Continuing in the all-caps theme, here's your bizarre linkage: UUUUUUUUHGGG-rrrrrrrr! RRRRRRRRR THANKS JENNY. There is also new newness in the sightings page. BTC in a BC Student newspaper!
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[21:31] <VenMalakim> "Is master bruce enjoying his shemale movies?" "Dammit, I thought I hid tho-... OH FUCK YOU ALFRED."
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