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588: He calls his knife Charlene
He calls his knife Charlene

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I had this all laid on in my head, and you can see some inklings of a background in the panels, but then I remembered I'm really bad at them and gave up. But take my word, it was really awesome looking in my head, with angles and perspective and stuff. Also panels 2 to 4 actually looked like they took place inside a plane. I'm sure one day I'll get backgrounds properly done, but then that'll mean I'd have to actually sketch stuff beforehand instead of it all just spewing out of my head straight into final comic form. Thanks for all the emails of interest during the week, but it turns out I'm going to the one place where there are no cheesites nearby. So I won't be mobbed when I go walking around on the streets. Mugged maybe. But a random shout out to #1 Canadian fan Pequena, who is as always keeping it real in the place I'm going to soon! Keep those streets of Canadia freely flowin', whatever that is supposed to mean. It is kinda late and my brain is stringing random words together. Bizarre linkage: Smash my ipod! I'm hoping there will be some priceless reactions on the store patrons faces.
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[18:38] <Celox> heh, in assembly the other day the headmaster reminded us that there are to be no physical displays of affection
[18:39] <Celox> the staff probably thought this meant no kissing or hugging
[18:39] <Celox> but he and all they students knew he meant no fucking in the girls changing rooms
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