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586: And five pages about unicorns
And five pages about unicorns

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Some people need muses, but all Thanatos needs are some D cups. That's real deep if you think about it. If it doesn't appear deep at first, just keep thinking. And if still nothing, think about D cups. Oh yeah, that's the stuff. My ipod nano arrived on thursday and I've been playing with it nonstop. If there's one thing you should believe from the reviews, is that they scratch and smudge like nobody's business. The highly polished stainless steel back will be coated in fingerprints microseconds after removal from the box, and the black (if you choose black) cover really brings out the scratches you dig into the front as you absentmindedly try to clean it with your shirt or something. So instead of blowing fifty bucks on apple's nanotubes, I ordered a silicone skin from hong kong over ebay for five. Score! Anyway, it's 11pm and I haven't showered today. Enjoy your bizarre linkage: Prince Adam's FABULOUS secret journal!
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[12:58] <VEKrueger> Heh I was at the mall today
[12:59] <VEKrueger> One of the janitors (all dark gray uniform)
[12:59] <VEKrueger> He had a black headband on with extra fabric in the back hanging down and a brown mullet haircut
[12:59] <VEKrueger> He was mopping, he walked away, then walked back and slipped on the water and fell flat on his back
[13:00] <MaXilla> hahaha
[13:00] <MaXilla> NICE
[13:00] <VEKrueger> Somebody across the room shouted "Snake? SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!"
Bigger Than Cheeses
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