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428: You know who you are
You know who you are

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
YAAARGH this is late. I don't think I'll be able to make full size comics on wednesdays for much longer. I'll have to push them to thursday, or release 1 panels like this one I apparently subconsciously ripped off from The Parking Lot is Full. Speaking of ripped off, I KNOW this comic bears a striking resemblence to another little know webcomic, but I seriously came up with this just days before theirs went up. Seriously. I'm not kidding. Speaking of not kidding, you'll notice to the right the niftty new donation bar. I've scrapped the old advertising space because it was an eyesore and some babies in the forum complained. Babies. Anyway, you might've heard about some less ambitious types, who have very unambitious donation goals. So in their wake I've decided to show everyone how it's done and create a donation goal of....(wait for it)...


For those playing at home, I am going to raise ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD. The first trillion will probably be the hardest, after that it's all downhill. Don't just send whatever spare change you've got lying around. Send it all! Send me your paycheck, sell your house and send that money too. Once I reach the donation goal, I will buy the entire world and proclaim myself emperor. And I'll shoot lightning out of my fingers, like a real emperor should. Actually the money goes to Eddache and not me, but I'm sure he's willing to share all the money in the world. If not, I'll knife fight him like in that Star Trek episode. And if you're a cheapskate who doesn't like seeing dreams being fulfilled, then just vote at twc....And I think buzz is still down, but keep trying to vote there anyway. Oh, and I think some of you antidisestablishmentarians would like this hotness, but remember to send me all your money before you start scribbling stuff everywhere. This bizarre linkage isn't so much bizarre as it is the dictionary definition of OWNED. See you friday, cheesites, when I'm supposed to be getting my dsl installed. Plus there's some sexy new reader art from the sexy new Pequena

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