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400: WOOHOO x4

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
So. Many. Comics. Yessirree, we've shattered the jacktub of 400 comics, and speaking of Checkerboard Nightmare, who also did a similar series of strips a while back I maintain that I've had the idea for this one written down since sometime after comic 320. Yes, I've been holding it in for 80 strips. That's MURDER in webcomic terms! Having a joke that you WON'T LET YOURSELF USE. But anyway, YOUR storyline didn't have inflatible breast implants did it? DID IT! Do you hear me Straub?! I'm the man now, dog! (That was all just a cheap excuse to use that link) Okay, back to the comic. The D-Shae thing is a joke at people who keep pronouncing my name Shae, and that McG guy who directed the charlie's angels movie. What's up with that name, seriously? And if there's a making-of special on anything no matter how bad it is, there has to be at least one person who says they loved it for the script. I was playing with the idea of having a "cut away" to Kat at the dinner table with her bulked up Polymer City stand-in sisters, but it didn't feel right, and I liked her retelling better anyway. We managed to take #4 at buzz! Great work everyone! Tina is in need of a new artist after Zach quit, AGAIN, and Roland/"Jim" sends in some EMO LEI FANART. Bitchin'. Plus the ever lovely Pequena sends in her btc sighting. Oh, and I made a wallpaper out of 399 due to popular request (one request). Howsabout some bizarre linkage to distract you from your noble quest (below)? ASSHOLE BISHOPS STICKING THEIR NOSES WHERE THEY DON'T BLOODY BELONG! Telling people how to vote. Honestly. Oh, and "joke about frequent visitor points cards for a hospital"

AAAAANYWAY, for a SUPER SPECIAL TREAT, I've delved into the archives and redrawn a solitary strip of btc. It could be hand drawn, it could be paint or it could be flash. I'm being tricky! Which one did I replace, and how different is it? I could've redrawn the strip exactly the same except for an obviously different last panel. And redrawn doesn't necessarily mean redrawn better (hint hint). That's for you to find out! The only way to tell is to trek through the archives to see! I'd get started if I were you. If you think you've found it then drop a message into the forum (this thread, specifically), and once I've confirmed it you can take your pick of a special image drawn by me, OOORRR a free week of advertising! Why not get a friend to help you, and tackle different sections to save time? Or why not get a friend who HASN'T read btc to help you, and introduce a new reader at the same time as working towards a prize? You don't need to be a regular reader to find the replaced one, just a lateral thinker with a sharp eye. Trust me, you'll know when you've found the right one. Plus as a fame bonus I'll mention your name(s) and any personal site you want me to link in the newspost! Yeah! Super rad! 1024x768ers have a better chance of finding it than 800x600ers. Plus if you're still using 800x600 UPGRADE ALREADY, JESUS.
Rules of the competition: Don't spam my inbox with every random number that comes into your head. And don't just list all the numbers from 1-400 in the forum either. Don't make me make this one entry per person! I left little notes around the place for you. One might even give away the right comic! Look for this:
Search for the replaced btc
Now go! Go go go go!




The redrawn comic has been found (numerous times) and the advertising is now out of the prize pool. Anyone who finds the missing comic between now and wednesday's update only gets the special image preview! You can still win something! Keep looking!
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