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374: Happy, Neesh?
Happy, Neesh?

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Alright woman! I've held up my end of the bargain so now LET MAHONEY GO. I mean, uh, today's comic features the ever cleavagalicious Snugglebunny aka DangerousCurves aka that one over there. I wasn't sure how big to draw her breasts (as a joke I was gonna do some PCC sized boobage, but didn't want any angry italian boyfriends and his posse beating me up if I ever stepped foot in Sydney), so I had some restraint....kinda. And her hair isn't really that colour, but I suck at colouring blonde highlights and stuffs. Also the double cameo today features jailin' fresh future lance from Supafine. I had some massive burst of inspiration today in class, so we shouldn't be short of comic ideas for a few weeks, although it's still down to time constraints with all this hullabaloo goings on. Note that hullabaloo doesn't excuse you from voting like maniacs, to break us into the top 5. After that there's just too much of a gap to close....OR IS THERE! Yes there is. Remember when I was promising newly drawn vote incentives? They should be ready by mondayish...I hope. I don't know how long this damn tutorial and assignment is gonna take to finish. And my sources tell me that I repeated the bizarre linkage again last time, so to hell with the doubling up thing and just enjoy this flash induced insanity aka bizarre linkage. Oh, and bup, STOP SCREWING AROUND IN THE FORUM SO MUCH

And because she complained, the bizarre linkage is also from neesh. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANTED? BLOOD! WELL HERE IT IS. Take it! TAKE IT ALL! I QUIT

And thanks to Zach for this fine portrait of me. I still say the horns are bigger in real life.

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