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341: There was a change machine down the hall, too
There was a change machine down the hall, too

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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This one had a bunch of additional dialogue which I had to scrap or substantially rewrite to fit into the panels. I couldn't bear dumping any more out of panel 2, so I had to go word bubbleless, because I can't get large chunks of text to fit nicely into the bubbles. I might have to make the comics higher and not as wide. The first panel is such an instance; see how much wasted white space there is along the top and bottom? I can crunch the text, but then that overlaps on everyone's heads and you get the idea. Stupid having to be professional. Panel 4 originally didn't have the fat joke, I slapped that in at the last second, the alternate version was without 'tubby', and Duke just said "Do YOU?", with Thanatos replying "Just shut up and take her purse. And take her glasses and false teeth too, we can pawn them". The forum seems to be back and everything's okay again. Anyway, you know and love 'em....In the grand tradition of You're the man now dog and It's a trap!, your bizarre linkage....Well excuuuuse ME, princess!
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[14:13] <Beerman> the real meaning of christmas is to get liquored up and insult my family very loudly
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