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332: Dear Hollywood; stop sucking.
Dear Hollywood; stop sucking.

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Double Update!
See the first strip

Addendum to newspost: HOLY FUCKING NUTS WE'RE NUMBER ONE! You guys all kick ass!

There was an alternate version of this comic, with the third panel having seperate art, and some of the phrases from panel 2. I also make no guarantees about any text from panel 2 making any sense. If you're that interested, check the now updated scrap art file. This was also originally 331, but I didn't want the rant update on the front page. So...yeah. And now I'll reveal some of the SUPAR SEKRIT movie computer tricks. For instance, there's only two kinds of computer screens in movies, the really sweet looking custom designed thing with easy to use graphics, and usually some sort of voice/plain english query recognition with little graphs and changing numbers that do nothing other than look computery, or the really retro command line system, which also accepts complex plain english commands. All computers make a sound if you click, type, or load anything. Sometimes they'll beep if they're just flashing the cursor. Even though you never see any windows or apple os' (you can sometimes see dos, unix or linux to give the 'authentic' touch), the bad guys' proprietary computers will have complete hardware and software compatability with the good guys' proprietary computers. And even if the ports are missing, grabbing random wires from the insides and sticking them into your laptop/palmtop will serve just as well as a network connection. And like the comic concerns itself with, super genius programmer guys are fucking morons as soon as any sort of hacking occurs. Sure they can reroute encryptions and algorithm the doowhacky, but it never occurs to them to PULL THE DAMN PLUG OUT YOU MORON. You don't even have to turn the whole computer off! Just yank the phone line from your modem! From what the movies shovel out, you'd think hacker attacks were like some sort of pokemon battle, where each side threw out their best tricks to become the POKEMON MASTAH!!!! If the other hacker is really so bad, instead of trying to battle him...say it with me....PULL THE DAMN PLUG OUT YOU MORON. Remember in Goldeneye when the MEGA RUSSIAN HAXOR had a special program which "locked the keyboard" and prevented the hackees from doing "anything".....Well how about you TURN OFF THE POWER!? I'm pretty sure the most advanced hacker can't power the goddamn computer with sheer hacking will! And when the tables were turned and the hot russian woman used it on him (was his name boris? Something like that), he actually went the extra step and started RIPPING PARTS OUT OF THE COMPUTERS. Now that's dedication. I'd just think to flip the power but hey, destroy everything so it'll never work again. Good plan! Eh, that's enough from me. Daily voting ensures we'll get to stay in the upper echelons of the top 5, and there's yet another sexy sexy voting incentive. Mmm. Sexy! Enjoy the Bizarre Linkage, 10k 4 a wife dawt cawm. What a catch! Also, check out my homies at still untitled. They've got some solid work. The unfeasable is possible in the forum

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[14:29] <Goonigoogoo> c'mon christos. Take nudie pictures of your sister for us
[14:29] <christos> Buddy Christ loves you too, Beery.
[14:29] <christos> Gooni: it's on my to-do list.
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