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330: Groping friends
Groping friends

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Now other strips such as 314 might fool you into thinking Kat gets aroused in the panty area when around Thanatos, but let's just ignore that ever happened. Or, to take the marvel approach, it happened in an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE! Man, this comic thing is easy. And this strip also marks the official first usage of a running joke that's been going on in the irc channel whereby I proclaim a noun, adjective or verb in all capitals then add a 'D to it. For example, CLEAVAGE'D!! (You've gotta vote before you get to enjoy the cleavage...'d). But yeah, it's sorta like punk'd, but much more flexible, and you can share it with your friends. I vote we make it a new btc mainstay. What say you, cheesites? Maybe you can use it in your own comics, and we can all be one big 'Dy family! I'll bet this is how stuff like 'wang' and 'stab you in the face with lasers' comes from. In other news the caricatures have been updated, and I think that I've taken care of everyone for now. Ps; Teeg, put on a shirt. We also managed to briefly take #2 yesterday, but it's up to you to see if we can hold it. I realised after I made the comic that it came so easily because I ripped off the punchline from Blurry...I think I capitalised that url properly. Goddamn I hate case sensitive urls. Christmas is around the corner, and I've signed myself up for the secret santa, a couple of guest comics, and a fusion comic. Plus I've got to maintain the regular updates and kick off a semi-coherent short storyline deal I had planned for the christmas/new years season. Oh, and I have to get a job too, or they won't let me graduate. At least I won't be left with nothing to do. And neither will you, with today's bizarre linkage, Whoa....Whoa....Whoa....Whoa... I'd better stop now, actually. Find the secrets to eternity in the the forum
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[15:16] <Ast0reth> that cigar tastes like terrible chocolate covered manhood
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