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252: Trusty boob jokes
Trusty boob jokes

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Sorry about being a day late, but I forgot how long it takes to actually draw the characters from scratch instead of using the templates. Plus there was this kickass Bruce Lee special on tv on update night, so I ended up starting about two hours later than usual. To (kinda) make up for it, I also forcibly updated High Ping Bastard for keir, since he's a lazy lazy scot. Lazy. Maybe slap a foul...possibly vile in there as well. Before you ask, yes there were some queries about exactly what the difference is between nat and kat, so I've hilighted the two easiest ways. ie; Red hair for kat or big boobs for nat. Easy. Thanatos looks helluva weird when I draw him front on, so panel 1 is pretty much the closest you're gonna see for now. And damn he looks really funny in panel 1. And kat's blush looks more like she was attacked by a lipstick wielding squirrel. Plus a telescopic zoom camera rammed into nat's cleavage isn't as funny a sight gag as I'd originally lead myself to believe. Ah well. And notice the stretch marks on her shirt are larger in the last panel because the camera between her breasts increases the load on the fabric. Now that's attention to detail! Or at least attention to breasts, which involves detail at some level. Ahem. And in case you can't spot it, that's a Nelson (from the simpsons, mwhey) trademark 'Ha Haw'. Aaaanyway, we're at number 42 on twc, which means you're not voting enough. And what's up with that sprite comic at number 1? I can see Aikida or Mall monkeys since they, you know, are funny. But what the FUCK is this?! You're right. Calling link gay is pretty about this gem? GEDDIT?! Because bombs explode! AHAHAHA! ME R TEH FUNNAY. At least this guy antialiased the sprites so I don't have to COUNT THE FUCKING PIXELS IN THEIR HEAD. If you make a sprite comic, close-ups aren't really the best artistic device to use. Especially when eyes are TWO WHITE PIXELS AND ONE BLACK ARLGHGHGLG. Anyway. need sleep now. Bizarre Linkage. And then you can test your special skills on the forum. Note that I have sarcasm and I'm willing to use it. Updates in the Reader Input section; fan art of everyone's pal, Manman from mbaird of the forums. And I also updated the changes and scrap pieces files in the random art section.
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[14:11] <HarvardFrankenstein> That Pikachu is pretty hot, though.
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