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248: Geddit?!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
...Riiiight. Okay, to fill you in on last week's situation a little more, there was a big thunderstorm on friday, with quite a lot of lightning. One of the lightning strikes must've hit a phone line, with the electricity finding it's way into my modem, rendering it a very expensive paperweight with pretty lights. Of course I was at uni at the time and didn't find out until I got home and tried connecting to the interweb. To all outwards appearances and to the computer's diagnostic queries, the modem is okay, but now it's unable to detect a dialtone, and in fact just plugging the phone line into it won't let you use the phone which it's also jacked into. (Phone line -> Modem -> Phone). I had to wait until monday to take it in to the insurance people to let them look at it and see if they'll cough up a new modem after god knows how many years we've pumped money into their fat wallets. And get this; They wanted me to give them my computer as well. Because when I said that the modem is damaged they apparently heard me say that I can't set software correctly. Jackasses. Just run some tests on the hardware you fuckers. So needless to say, I wasn't going to give them my computer for the solid week like they wanted, what with me having to use the COMPUTER in my COMPUTER SCIENCE course, which involves programming. ON THE GODDAMN COMPUTER. And then there's the whole comics thing too. Anyway, seeing as they gave an estimate of a week, I'll probably hear back from them in three months, knowing bureaurocracy (goddamn that word!), and had to buy a spare modem in the meantime. Go insurance company. Making lives easier my ass. So to sorta make up for it, here's a midweek update!

Aaaanyway, this modem/lightning debacle sorta put me quite a bit behind, so I'm doing catchup. Angel from (it's not a porn site. Honestly) dropped me a line and I promised to link him. Uh, her. It's sorta hard to tell nowadays with these generic nicknames now that buffy has made angel a male name. Anyhoo, I haven't had time to go through the archives, but check out the fancy art! I haven't checked the extent of our voting so far, but I'm pretty sure you didn't all suddenly start voting extra hard when I left the same comic up for a week. Maybe April will be our lucky charm. Also, the forums are undergoing a hardcore change as apparently Fuitad was pulling the wool over our eyes the whole time. I'm not sure about the validity of some of the claims, but it's frankly a whole new side to the guy I'd never heard about before. Still, from what experience I've had with him, he seems like a decent enough sort. And that's all I have to say about that. See you fridayish!

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Geez, what's the deal with Kat's arm in the third panel? You know, I never said I'd redraw it BETTER...

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[13:03] <BR_Aaron> the TV is saying something about Geneva conventions and POWs...
[13:04] <HarvardF> Yeah. Iraq's been showing our POW's on TV with holes in their foreheads.
[13:04] <BR_Aaron> Yeah
[13:04] <HarvardF> Apparently they think this is gonna make them look better.
[13:05] <BR_Aaron> I seem to remember us taking Iraqi POWs and, oh what was it, oh yeah NOT SHOOTING THEM IN THE HEAD
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