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204: Monkeys are funny
Monkeys are funny

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
...Riiight. Nobody ask where I get these ideas. Monkey soup indeed. On a side note, that monkey scratching his head is my favourite. And yes, I know that Duke normally has sideburns. I can't be bothered drawing them anymore. They keep fouling up my sketching. Well, the first new non comics related page in, well, ever has arrived! Astound your friends and family by signing up for the Bigger Than Cheeses cams page!. If you want to join, simply e-mail me the cam address and where you want it to link to (ie; your homepage, e-mail, blog, whatever). It's good for publicity, and recommended by 1 out of 1 Dr T's. Hell, you don't even need to OWN a camera, just regularly update a 320x240 image, and I'll be happy. Oh, and I'm not providing hosting for the cams. Bandwidth ain't free. Since I'm on holidays, I've found myself with a lot of spare time on my hands. Thus I've been making comics ahead of schedule and just releasing them later. Good Cheesites who are active in the forum and/or the irc channel (usually the irc channel, mostly) get SUPER HAPPY FUN BONUSES! ie; If I've been a busy little beaver and have made a strip a few days early, you get to have the first peek at it. Favourtism? You'd better believe it. Sometimes I even have extra special things ready that nobody else gets to see. Secret things. IMPORTANT secret things! Also, someone drop by and try and convince Tony to get on with making the php script for this comic, as htmling it up is getting to be a real chore. Not to mention the meg or so of pure text. A php script would suuuuuure hit the spot right about now. Mmm mmm. Righto, I'm going to sleep now. Vote for btc at Rocketbox, we're 4th. C'mon. 4th. You can do better than that. Just 20 more clicks. to get to 2nd again. And I've noticed you're all being lazy and not voting at TWC. Fine fine. Be that way. Sure I spend all my time making comics and all I ask for are a few clicks and maybe telling your friends but no, apparently it's too much work. Here's your bizarre linkage, you heartless ungrateful bastards.

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Say, didn't there used to be another monkey in panel 2?

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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[11:36] <Warskull> 30 second browse of slashdot
[11:36] <Warskull> Europe hates microsoft
[11:36] <Warskull> Japan hate microsoft
[11:36] <Warskull> Microsoft sucks
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