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708: It's not machine code
It's not machine code

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Double Update!
See the first strip

I couldn't decide which ending I liked more, so I did both. Enjoy! There probably could have been about 20 different punchlines, which would basically be the meme catalogue of /b/, so I didn't bother. If you have to ask what /b/ is, you probably don't want to know. Other punchlines I avoided were current Harry Potter spoilers, goatse and "It's not Lupus". Anyway, here's your bizarre linkage: Using math to deduce why you will never have a girlfriend is probably another reason you why you will never have a girlfriend.

Important: I'll be away on a work trip for the next week, so the update scheduled for the 4th of August will probably be missed. I'll try and get something up and running if I have the time/an internet connection

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[17:17] <Beerman> I was going to commit sepukku and accidentially committed bukkake
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