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706: The princess is in another Cthulhu
The princess is in another Cthulhu

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Thinly veilled insults against a large portion of my own readership! Ha ha! Anyway, I just noticed the abnormally large number of nostalgic/retro/nerdcore/whatever people are calling it videos/pictures on the youtubes that are related to video games. Mario in particular. Mario on the guitar, people outfitting their local parks with a Mario obstacle course, Nintendo A Capella aaaand so on. Also there's this thing. I couldn't decide whether to go with the better named Sonicthulhu or the wider appeal of Marithulhu, so I just did both. So nyah. Anyway. Bizarre linkage: wholly inconvenient swiss army knives! I think if you're actually considering putting one of these in your pocket, you're better off just strapping an actual swiss army to your back. Whatever that means.
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[14:41] <Sloan|Away> We have a bowl of mixed nuts in our apartment and my roommate's girlfriend says, "Somebody get this sack of nuts away from me" and my roommate says", wheneveer you see a sack of nuts you ALWAYS gotta just stick em in your mouth..."
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