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681: I will become...FABULOUS
I will become...FABULOUS

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
There was basically no way I could do the second panel without giving the whole joke away, so I just went all out. Plus I cut up the lyrics a bit, but you can totally see how YMCA is about a young Bruce Wayne. Totally. The fourth panel was going to be gay sailor batman, but he didn't have anything covering his eyes, and the handlebar moustache just suits construction worker batman so much better. Not drawn: male genitalia shaped grip on the swing line. Yeaaaaah. Just not going there. BTC is officially 6 years old, and I've got nothing to show for it! Ha ha! I'm wearing ten year old glasses since my regular pair broke. Thanks, crappily manufactured titanium frames. I'm sure if your welds or screws held together for longer than 12 months I would find out how sturdy the metal is. Armand Basi couldn't design his way out of a paper bag. So anyway, once I get everything all sorted out, I'll put a wallpaper together. A proper one. Right. Bizarre linkage: GUMMI CHANDELIER! Also; Gummi rug and gummi candelabra. Finally, some art I can sink my teeth into.
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<BobDragonslayer> i remember the first time i saw my dad cry
<BobDragonslayer> the nurse walked in and said "The test results are back. He IS your son"
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