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804: I am Pagliacci
I am Pagliacci

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
WATCHMEN! AGAIN! What I may possibly have drawn back here, had I the time or inclination. Seriously this stupid comic took like a bajillion years to draw. Alternate final panel which I didn't want to draw: Captain Planet is naked just like Doctor Manhattan, but he has green mullet pubes. Yeah, imagine it in your heads. Perverts. Rorschach's original line in the third panel started with "Fat, Wealthy", of which Kwame is neither, so I substituted. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME TO COMPLAIN, HEALTHY BLACK PEOPLE. Bizarre linkage: three year long prank on a single stranger. Read the synopsis here, then go read the entire thing, when you've got some free time. Then weep as your wussy tape on the bottom of someone's mouse gets totally put in its place. Bitch.
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[12:20] <Bluddo> so i saw slumdog millionaire, and the 1986 transformers movie back to back yesterday
[12:20] <Bluddo> it was one of the greatest cinematic experiences of my life
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